All About Us

Jo Fife joined Workplace Wellbeing in 2017 where we created The Wellbeing challenge. We wanted to create something that was fun, created a bit of competition as a team building aspect, but most of all, would help to lower stress and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. 

Jo Fife has spent the past 16 years in team development, coaching, consulting and training individuals and businesses to operate at their best. Through her own wellbeing journey dealing with the impacts of stress and coming back out the other side, Jo is hellbent on helping others to avoid the impacts of stress in our busy world and stressful work environments.. 

The Wellbeing Challenge was piloted with an insurance company using google sheets connected to a leaderboard which was extremely cumbersome. Nonetheless, it was very successful so we coughed up and built a webapp with leaderboards so users could choose whether to play on their mobiles or computers. We are releasing our next version with updates for the 15 March Challenge.

We were inspired by the concept of Tamaguchi's where the player chooses a character and the more activities they complete, the happier and healthier their character will become. If they don't complete activities, the character will become sad and tired.

So have a go!!