Getting Started

Q. I haven’t received an onboarding email

A. Check your junk file. If it’s not there, email us so we can check your email is entered correctly in the database. Please email here

Q. I can't log in

A. Check that you have entered the email that you registered with. (Obvious I know, but it happens!) Try re-setting your password.

Q. Where do I load up my profile picture?

A. Go into your profile button at the base on the app and click on the greyed out round circle just above where it says "Who are you" in your profile.

Q. I can’t find my team?

A. It may be that the team leader hasn’t logged your team ready to join. You can set

the team up yourself ready for the rest to join.

Entering activities

Q. Can I edit an activity once I've saved it?

A. If you've entered your activity, and you need to edit it, no problems! Just hit the activity and choose which activity you want to edit, update it, save and Bob's your Uncle!

Q. Can I enter points retrospectively?

A. Let's face it, we get busy and sometimes we'll need to go back to enter our points. At the top of the activity screen are 2 arrows.  Arrow back to the right date (you  can't go into the week before if that Challenge has finished). When you enter your activity, it will say This is not today's date! Hit ok and

carry on. Easy as! You can't go into the previous week though.

Points system

Q. Another team has way more people than we have, that's not going to be fair - they'll score heaps more points than us!

All points are averaged out so as long as there are more than three people per team, it will be fair.

Privacy Policy

Q. Can other people see what I write?

A. No, you can only access your entries and we can see the entries in the back end, but no one else can.

Each week we do share some activities that people are doing (without names) , if you would prefer us not to share your news, please turn off your privacy mode under preferences.


Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A. Sure do! Here's a link to it here.